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March 26, 2016

Sneak Peek: LiveSchool Behavior Insights App

Get a preview of LiveSchool's new Insights app: a powerful way to analyze, visualize, and export behavior data.

In LiveSchool's new Insights app, you will be able to see school-wide trends, student profiles, and more. Learn about the first dashboard launching in a few short weeks!


What is the Insights App?

A new companion to the LiveSchool tracking app. Insights will let you explore trends in behavior data, access valuable documentation to demonstrate growth, and make it easier than ever to run school-wide incentive systems.

What will be the first features?

The first dashboard in the Insights app will be a School Dashboard.

Top stats for your entire school
Leaderboards show teachers giving the most points and demerits. Note: Only administrators can see this information.
Use this data to recognize your top 5 positive students and identify students needing more support.
What is going well in your school culture, and what areas can you improve? 

What features are coming in the future?

We will be rolling out helpful new Insights features in the coming months. Stay tuned for Student Profiles, Timeline, and more!

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