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August 29, 2016

It's Here! Introducing Insights

Review school-wide trends like top students and top behaviors, and download a printer-friendly report.

Getting Started

Log in to Insights here:

Insights isn't available as an app yet, but the website works on all major phones and tablets!

Feature 1: School Dashboard

The first dashboard in the Insights app is the School Dashboard.To access it, click Insights then select the School option. The dashboard looks like this:

Top stats for your entire school
See the teachers giving the most positive and negative feedback. NOTE: Only administrators can view.
Use this data to recognize your top 5 positive students and identify students needing more support.
What is going well in your school culture, and what areas can you improve? 

Feature 2: Printable PDF

Download the school dashboard at any time as a printable PDF. Just click the Download button on the bottom-right of the screen, shown here:

Download a printable PDF

NOTES: Only administrators can download the school dashboard report. PDF download not available on older mobile devices.

What's coming next?

We have lots of powerful features planned for Insights, including student and teacher dashboards, timeline filters, and more. If you have a specific idea, share it with us!

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